The International Brotherhood of electrical workers is the oldest electrical union in North America, and was formed 1891 by ten men dedicated to improving the lives of all electrical workers. From the start, our objective has been to build a strong and effective union by increasing unity among workers throughout the electrical and related industries. We are proud of he progress we have accomplished, and are dedicated in serving our membership, our brotherhood even more effectively in the future.

The IBEW is a democratic organization and our continued effectiveness depends upon the active participation of our members. We like to think that we are a union of Hearts and Minds, actively involved in community service in addition to the normal, well understood traditional role of labor organizations in pursuing a higher standard of living for our members. This local union like any other local or labor organization; is only as strong as the collective strength of its membership. The old adage is so very true: “THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS” and your local union will be a reflection of your attitude towards the organization. If you support and participate in the affairs of the local union, we will have a strong and effective union.